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CultureTianjin Xinxin Biotechnology Research And Development Center

Corporate Tenet:

Quality is fundamental, Credibility is this.

Enterprise Spirit:

Reality, Novelty, Refinement;

Implementation, Integrity, Perseverance;

Frequent norms, Often self-discipline, Regular cleaning.

Enterprise Idea:

For the source of innovation—Evergreen thinking, Forge ahead, Pursuit of excellence;
Take contending for first place—Unique product, Superior quality, Optimal personality;
Seek truth—Down-to-earth, Pragmatic, The courage to practice;
To honesty—Sincere communication, Credit paramount, Solidarity.

Key Direction

Quality Policy: Quality is fundamental, Service request excellent, Reputation as a guarantee, Pursue success together.

Quality Goal: Factory pass rate 100%, Customer satisfaction 100%.

Enterprise Goal: Innovation develops, Low carbon environmental protection,Casts brands.

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