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Water Treatment SeriesTianjin Xinxin Biotechnology Research And Development Center
Product Name:Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid(ATMP)
Type: Water Treatment Series
Chinese Name:氨基三甲叉瞵酸(ATMP)


Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid(ATMP)surpasses other polyphosphate by good chelated, lower limit inhibition and lattice distortion which prevent forming scale in the water. Stable chemical property in the water and uneasy hydrolisis as corrosion inhibitor with good inhibition when getting high concentration. It reduces corrosion and scale of metallic equipment and pipeline as water treatment agent in industrial cycle cooling water and the oilfield flooding.


Appearance: Light yellow liquid 

Solid content: ≥ 50%

Density: ≥ 1.28

Orthophosphoric acid: < 1% 

 Phosphorous acid: ≤5%

PH value(1% water solution): 1.5~ 2.5

Cl- %: ≤ 3.5

Dosage and usage:

Concentration should not surpass 10ppm as scale inhibitor, enhancing suitably when as corrosion inhibitor.

Safety protection:

Acid liquid, pay attention to protection when operating, flushing with water once contacts skin.

Package and storage:

Polyethylene plastic barrel package, net weight is 30 kg/barrel. Inner plastic barrel, net weight is 250 kg/barrel.



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