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Water Treatment SeriesTianjin Xinxin Biotechnology Research And Development Center
Product Name:Ethylene diamine tetramethylene phosphonic acid sodium EDTMPS
Type: Water Treatment Series
Chinese Name:乙二四甲叉膦酸钠 EDTMPS


Ethylene diamine tetramethylene phosphonic acid sodium EDTMPS has good chemical stability which prevents insoluble salt’s deposition. It is widely applied in the oilfield irrigation and water mixing treatment, boiler water treatment, cooling water scale treatment for electricity, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber, petrochemical and metallurgy.


Appearance: Yellow-brown transparent liquid 

Solid content: ≥ 28%

PH value: 9.5~ 10.5

Density(20℃ ): 1.3~ 1.4

Phosphorous acid(PO3): ≤ 5%

Orthophosphoric acid(PO4): ≤ 2%

Dosage and usage:

Generally amount is 5~ 20ppm according to water quality and craft.

Safety protection:

 Low poison and alkal liquid, pay attention to protection when operating, flushing with water once contacts skin.

Package and storage:

Polyethylene barrel package, net weight is 3o or 250kg/ barrel without special requirements, longtime storage does not affect product quality. For the road, the railway, waterway transportation use.



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