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Water Treatment SeriesTianjin Xinxin Biotechnology Research And Development Center
Product Name:Cleaning agent
Type: Water Treatment Series
Chinese Name:清洗剂


TS-101 cleaning agent is chemical cleaning agent with no caustic acid and alkali for metal, but good penetrability and decontamination which carries off greasy dirt easily to ger cleaning purpose. It strengthens pre-membrane effect with pre-filming agent and improves corrosion inhibition for metal. It is suitable for cleaning equipment before running in industrial cycle cooling water system to eliminate dirt, greaset, rust and silt on metal surface before the pre-film.


Appearance:Light yellow liquid.

Soluble with water at any proportion. 

pH:5~6,Solid content≥16%.

Dosage and usage

Generally amount is100ppm, circulating washes for 24 hours, then discharge. 

Safety protection

No special requirements.

Package and storage

20kg plastic drum package storing and transporting by common chemical. Storage period is one year.



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