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Water Treatment SeriesTianjin Xinxin Biotechnology Research And Development Center
Product Name:Organosilicon defoamer
Type: Water Treatment Series
Chinese Name:有机硅消泡剂


TS-109 has chemical inertia with no chemical reaction to foaming material and plays defoaming role fully under the high temperature and in high acid and alkaline medium, it defoams rapidly and lasts defoam.

The product uses for defoaming in industrial cycling and cooling water treatment, chemical cleaning, petroleum chemical industry, food industry, printing, drugs manufacture, rubber and textile.


Appearance:Cream color liquid 

PH value:6~ 8

Dosage and usage:

Layer phenomenon appeared after transportation or long-term storage, shake fully before using in order to reduce antifoaming ability. The general amount is 0.5~ 2 of total defoamer, the applied concentration is 1~ 100ppm in cycling and cooling water.

Safety protection:

No special requirements.

Package and storage:

 25kg or 200kg plastic drum,non-toxic and harmless, treated as commmon chemical in the cool and dry place. Storage period is one year.



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