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ProductTianjin Xinxin Biotechnology Research And Development Center
Product Name Chinese Name Molecular formula Molecular weight
Highly effective oil remover 高效除油剂
Organosilicon defoamer 有机硅消泡剂
Defoamer 消泡剂
Pre-filming agent 预膜剂
Cleaning agent 清洗剂
2-Phosphonic acid butane 1,2,4-tricarboxylic acid PBTCA 2-膦酸丁烷1,2,4-三羧酸 PBTCA C7H11O9P 270.1
Ethylene diamine tetramethylene phosphonic acid sodium EDTMPS 乙二四甲叉膦酸钠 EDTMPS
Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid(ATMP) 氨基三甲叉瞵酸(ATMP)
Hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid HEDPA 羟基乙叉二膦酸 HEDPA
Polyhydric alcohol phosphate ester 多元醇磷酸酯
Phosphine oligomers modified polymaleic acid corrosion and scale inhibitor 含膦齐聚物改性聚马来酸阻垢缓蚀剂
Polymaleic acid phosphate 含磷聚马来酸
Acrylic-AMPS Copolymer 丙稀酸-AMPS多元共聚物
Acrylic - Sulfonate Copolymer 丙稀酸-磺酸盐多元共聚物
Acrylic - acrylic copolymer hydroxyl propyl T-225 丙稀酸-丙稀酸羟丙酯共聚物T-225

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